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Accommodation options

Delegates coming to the World Congress can choose from a wide variety of accommodation options. The associations involved in the World Congress cannot recommend one specific hotel, but we have identified a variety of search methods and accommodations (at a range of different prices) with easy access to the Congress venue. These options are:

Web search
We suggest delegates run a search on one of the following sites to ensure best prices available are found: Google, TripAdvisor, For example, a Google search for ‘Hotels near the International Conference Center Hiroshima’ currently generates lots of useful hits for accommodation near the congress venue at a range of prices.

Hiroshima hotel list
Yokoso accommodation linkWe have worked with a Japanese booking agency to create a booking website, which highlights a selection of hotels near the congress venue. Please be aware that this company has negotiated advantageous rates with some of the hotels but, for others, has been unable to compete with deals negotiated by large international accommodation search engines. We recommend, therefore, that delegates compare prices with one of the international accommodation search engines to ensure they are getting the best value for money.

Please click the link to access the hotel selection provided by the  travel agency:


Budget accommodation

Cheaper accommodation is available is available in three nearby hotels - The Hiroshima City Bunka Koryu Kaikan,   (, Simple Stay Heiwakouenmae (Google 'Simple Stay Hiroshima' to see photos of rooms) and, for students and delegates from developing countries*, the Hiroshima International Youth House ( The local team has reserved rooms in some of these hotels, so don't despair if you look on the website and see no rooms are available, that may be because we have reserved them for our delegates!

〇The Hiroshima International Youth House

Both single rooms, twin rooms and Japanese rooms (for up to 4 people) are available. En suite facilities are available for most rooms, but seminar / overnight rooms and some other rooms have shared bathroom facilities. If you wish to form a group to share a room, you may find it helpful to join the congress Facebook group to find others who may be interested in sharing. See

〇Simple Stay

Simple Stay is the guest house where is near our venue (International Conference Center Hiroshima). Special discount price is offered until the end of May, which is 2,000 JPY per night. The price will become 2,500 JPY per night if you reserve on June 1 or later. This guest house has sharing rooms only. Sharing baths and toilets are equipped. The check-in time is from 15:00 to 21:00. Please check the following website. Once you click the following website, there is a link to Google Translater on the top right. Please choose English so that you'll able to read the contents of this website in English.

If you are interested in these options, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and members of the local team will assist you to book a room if you are eligible to do so, dependent on availability. Please title your email either Hiroshima City Bunka Koryu Kaikan, Simple Stay Hiroshima or International Youth House as appropriate, and attach a copy of the photo page of your passport and your student ID (if applicable).

*Developing countries are defined by the UN on p.146 of the document found at the following link:

Another option is to look at what is available via Airbnb, as there are currently plenty of apartments available within walking distance of the congress venue.

Lots of delegates may wish to consider room sharing or options for booking into a hotel or Airbnb apartment alongside friends and fellow congress attendees. Please feel free to join our closed Facebook group to discuss these points and to find people to share with:




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