Lesson from Rwanda: Using Technology to Provide Access to Therapy

Distance Therapy

by Dieudonne Nsabimana. Coordinator of the African Stuttering Centre

There are only 2 Speech-language Pathologists (SLPs) in Rwanda for a population of over 11 million people. Using the universally accepted incidence rates of stuttering (1 percent of the population), there are 110.000 people who stutter in Rwanda, resulting in an estimate of 1 SLP for 55.000 people who stutter.  Clearly access to treatment for stuttering is not available to all who need it.

The application of telehealth technologies offers effective solutions to this challenge.  Distance Stuttering Therapy Program Africa (DSTPA) has been developed in Rwanda to deal with this shortfall.

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Stuttering in Africa: From Hopelessness to Recovery

by Dieudonne Nsabimana. Coordinator of the African Stuttering Centre

The purpose of this article is to shed a light on the challenges that African children who stutter face and to give some insights about our efforts for positive change. And it’s also to thanks the International Fluency Association (IFA).

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ISA Offers English Translation of Dutch Clinical Guidelines for Children, Adolescents and Adults

The IFA is pleased to highlight an example of collaborative development of national guidelines authored by both professionals and consumers to improve the quality of services for people who stutter:

from the ISA Website:
The ISA is very pleased to be able to offer the Clinical Guideline ‘Stuttering in Children, Adolescents and Adults’ (Pertijs et al. 2014) and allowing the usage of this English translation free of charge and obligation. The professional translation (and edited by Bert Bast, Leonoor Oonk and Mark Pertijs from The Netherlands) makes a significant contribution to the community of people who stutter around the world.

The Dutch Clinical Guideline on Stuttering was discussed extensively at the 8th World Congress of the International Fluency Association (IFA) at Lisbon July 2015.

read more at the ISA website here:


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