Information About the IFA

Last revised September 2020

Please email this filled out Form and Supporting Documentation (in one PDF File) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Due Date: April 15, 2018

Name of Proposers(s):
(Proposers cannot be members of the IFA Board or Nominations, Awards and Elections committee) Key Contact Person (email): _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Nominee:
(Nominees cannot be members of the IFA Board or Nominations, Awards and Election committee)


Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Award (choose 1)
Clinician Award
Knowledge Development and Innovation Award Supporter(s) of People with Fluency Disorders Award Consumer Award
Unsung Hero Award
Lifetime Achievement Award (Exceptional) _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please describe why the person you nominate is deserving of this award/recognition. Please refer to the following descriptions to support your nomination narrative:
Note that the supporting statement should set out the outcomes/results of the nominee’s service. The assumption should be made that the members of the Awards, Nominations and Elections Committee have no previous knowledge of the nominee. The statement is an important aspect of the nomination process as it provides the evidence used to judge the validity of the nomination and worthiness of the nominee for the award. The statement should be limited to 400 words.
The Proposer or Nominee do not need to be members of the IFA, unless otherwise specified (Clinician Award and Lifetime Achievement Award).

see List of IFA Awards for desciptions of possible awards by clicking this link