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Susan M. Cochrane is a licensed speech and language pathologist and Board Recognized Specialist in the area of fluency disorders. Susan began her career in 1982 in the public schools where she designed a specialized treatment program for children who stutter. After more than sixteen years, Susan opened her private practice, Freedom to Speak, specializing exclusively in treating people who stutter. Within her practice, Susan treats people of all ages who stutter. She consults for school districts, completes assessments and gives in-services. Most recently, Susan began using Skype as a viable mode to serve those who are unable to meet with her face-to-face. She has found it surprisingly effective. Ms. Cochrane directs two intensive treatment program for adolescents and adults who stutter during the summer. Ms. Cochrane serves as an adjunct professor, at Nazareth College of Rochester in New York State, teaching the graduate course on fluency disorders. She has served on many committees during her career, working toward improving the lives of those who stutter including; Treating Children in the Schools, Membership Committee, Specialty Board for Fluency Disorders, Steering Committee for Special Interest Group 4; Fluency and Fluency Disorders, Program Committee for New York State Speech/Language/Hearing Association as well as ASHA. Susan speaks nationally and internationally on the topic of stuttering and its treatment. Susan lives in Honeoye, New York USA with her husband and three kitty cats. 


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