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ISADIn July 2015 in Lisbon, the IFA World Congress 2015 featured a very popular, sold-out, basic
skills workshop for clinicians, sponsored by the Stuttering Foundation, which enabled fifty
participants to experience expert training in how to work with pre-schoolers, school-aged
children and young adults who stutter.

This workshop was a great success and the IFA would like to offer them in other locations
globally, enabling participation from those clinicians who might not normally be able to
access international conferences or workshops designed to provide or improve clinicians’
skills in helping to treat people who stutter. It is a goal of the IFA to improve clinical services
to people who stutter through more opportunities for clinicians to receive specialized training
in how to conduct stuttering therapy.

In our new Global Workshop Initiative, the IFA would organise the content and presenters of
the workshops, in full consultation with the host location, and the IFA would oversee speaker
travel, compensation and materials. The “local team” (it could be a national or regional
professional or consumer group) would locate and provide a suitable venue, advertise to
reach the appropriate attendees, handle local registration and make any additional
necessary local arrangements (but not necessarily costs) of items such as food, copying of
materials, etc.

We are inviting expressions of interest from IFA members internationally. We are particularly
interested in hearing from groups in which one or more members has already attended a
prior Stuttering Foundation workshop, and could work with us on a program sensitive to local
needs. If you would like to explore how to host an IFA-supported workshop in your location,
please write to IFA President by clicking here.

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