Global Workshops

Below are listed the steps to apply to the IFA for a Global Workshop:
  1. Local organizers interested in organizing the IFA Global workshop need to assign a key contact person who will liaise with the IFA. This person needs to contact Kurt Eggers, President-Elect (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Shelly Jo Kraft, Treasurer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of the IFA to verify whether there are funds available for an IFA Global Workshop.
  2. Next, local organizers need to recognize the needs and capabilities of local SLTs:
    • what workshop topics would be desired / interesting for local SLTs and which trainer/speaker might be recommended;
    • what is the potential time frame for the workshop;
    • how many SLTs could be potentially interested in participating in such a workshop; 
    • what is the cost of the workshop that SLTs are willing to cover;
    • are SLTs willing to participate in a workshop in English or does it have to be translated to the local language (what type of translation is recommended – consecutive or simultaneous).
  3. The organizers need to determine the estimated budget of the workshop:
    • estimated revenue from participants – based on registration fees and number of participants; 
    • estimated additional revenues – based on institutional support or grants; 
    • estimated expenses – detailed by the following categories:
      • venue cost (room rental, AV); 
      • workshop refreshments – catering for the workshop participants; 
      • printed materials / certificates, etc.;
      • translation – both for handouts and live translation if needed;
      • expenses related to the Speaker (honoraria, travel expenses, housing, meals, and local transportation);
      • other organizer expenses – i.e. advertising, mailing, financial services. 
  4. The organizers need to send the IFA a completed Planning worksheet for IFA Global Fluency Workshops – submission of a proposal of budget details and a recommendation of workshop speaker. 
  5. The IFA will review the workshop’s documentation and contact the speaker. This process leads to verifying the speaker’s availability and financial conditions – especially what part of the expenses could be refunded by the IFA.
  6. Definition of specifics (division of costs) – which costs are going to be covered by the local organizers and what part will be covered by the IFA. Also, what are the additional obligations of the local organizers as far as recommending the IFA – including advertising in the workshop materials and through other multi-media.
  7. Once the workshop is completed, the organizers need to prepare a full report for the IFA – including comments from organizers, feedback from participants, a photo gallery and all other materials to conclude the workshop.
You can download an Application form by clicking here.
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