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Jean Sawyer

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  • Stuttering in Children
  • Evidence-based Treatment of Stuttering
assessing preschool children who stutter
Working with parents of children who stutter
Treating preschool and school-age children who stutter
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Sawyer, J., Matteson, C., Ou, H., & Nagase, T. (November, 2015). Effects of
parent-focused intervention on articulation rate, response-time latency, &
stuttering in preschool children. Technical presentation at the American
Speech-Language-Hearing Convention, Denver, CO.
Sawyer, J., Gregg, B., Smith, A., & Weber-Fox, C. (2014). Childhood stuttering:
Pathways of persistency and recovery. Invited panel presentation for the
American Speech-Language Hearing Convention, Orlando, FL.
Sawyer, J. (May, 2012). Effective treatment for the preschool child who stutters:
A family affair. Invited presentation for the First Special Workshop:
Stuttering Treatment. Sponsored by the Korean Speech and Hearing
Association. Catholic University of Pusan, Pusan, Korea.

Sawyer, J., Matteson, C., Ou, H., & Nagase, T. (in press). The effects of parent-focused slow relaxed speech intervention on articulation rate, response time latency, and fluency in preschool children who stutter. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.
Chon, H. C., Sawyer, J., & Ambrose, N. G. (2012). Differences
of articulation rate and utterance length in fluent and disfluent utterances
of preschool children who stutter, Journal of Communication Disorders, 45, 455-467.
Sawyer, J., & Yairi, E. (2010). Characteristics of disfluency clusters over
time in preschool children who stutter. Journal of Speech, Language, and
Hearing Research, 53, 1191-1205.
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